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We are an official distributor of MiniMotors Brand, Dualtron and Speedway Electric Scooters.  Based in Key West, Florida, No Limit Scooters is always available to answer any questions and offer support. 

Who we are

We Are The Best Electric Scooter Shop

No Limit Scooters started out as a personal electric scooter retailer in Singapore. Through serving 1 customer at a time, pushing quality boundaries, we soon grew to become the leading premium electric scooter company in the country. However, due to the Singapore countrywide ban on personal electric vehicles, we had to focus on other markets elsewhere to keep the business going.

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Why choose us

10 years of experience in rental services

Our mission is to to empower personal commutes – last mile and as a primary alternative mode of transport. We have convinced a large amount of people that they can completely ditch their cars with the EMOVE Cruiser.

We have persuaded the public that you can forget about public transport with the Scooter Touring during the COVID-19 pandemic times.

We have set new standard on electric scooters by introducing the car grade tubeless tires.

We have popularized having customer service is a basic necessity for the industry – Website live chat and phone service were non-existent before Top Speed Scooters.

Every new product that we create, service we introduce, is the result of an entire team of people working together to make each other’s idea stronger – creating the best customer experiences.

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